We strive to promote education and development of new skills; simultaneously preserving the heritage of millinery and looking towards an innovative future.

Many of our Ambassadors are at the forefront of educating milliners in various forms of development, both millinery and business skill development.


-#thesocialmilliner memberships and workshops with Katie Vale

-Louise Pocock 1 day millinery courses

-Present Perfect Creations, flower making digital tutorials as well as in person and virtual workshops with Svetlana Faulkner

-Making Money from Millinery, business mentoring from Beverley Edmondson

-The British School of Millinery with Denise Innes-Spencer

-Tracy Chaplin millinery workshops in France

-Jane Fryers teaches milliners the art of fish leather

-Katherine Elizabeth Business and Millinery Academy

-Various classes by Ian Bennett at Hat Academy